Our Nurses

Vitality Pediatric Healthcare employs highly qualified registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses.  They need to be licensed to practice within the state of Texas, License needs to be current, Required to be CPR (BLS) certified by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.  Nurses’ competencies will be evaluated in the form of an exam, Practical evaluation by the Director of Patient Care Services, and complete in-home training with an experienced pediatric home health nurse.  On a regular basis, the skills and competencies of our nurses are reevaluated through supervisor visits, assessment/evaluation, and exam, this will be annual. Nurses need to pass the drug screens and nationwide background checks when applying for an opportunity at Vitality Pediatric Healthcare. The same way we care for our clients, Our nurses will excel to make sure the family is satisfied.

Pediatric Home Healthcare, know that faith, trust, and compassion are the ingredients needed, we are committed to going above and beyond family expectation